The National Skills Academy
I have known Carol as a friend & colleague since 1990 She is the ultimate professional in the workplace, very competent and confident in everything that she dose. her organizing skills are excellent, a client can rely on Carol to get the job done. Every project I have been involved in with Carol she has delivered the required results on time and within budget, and many times
surpassed the clients expectations. Carol as a friend is trustworthy, loyal and very good fun to be around. You can be sure that if you engage Carol on a project you will not be disappointed.
Nick Cusick
Finance Director

Border TV
I have worked with Carol over a 20yr period, initially when she ran the community involvement on a series I produced at Border TV.
Carol is an enormous asset to any business. She has unbounded enthusiasm, enormous energy, and is never short of that essential idea which is required to make projects successful. She has demonstrated, on many occasions, her natural ability to conceptualize and propose a strategy, before developing systems and approaches to covert the task into a very successful implementation.. She possesses strong organizational skills, and is highly self-motivated, working what ever hours are necessary to ensure that a project is completed to the required deadline. Her in-depth understanding of who are the important players in the community lies alongside her ability to reach out to them, and should be considered immensely important assets on their own. When combined with her other wide-ranging practical and leadership skills, she is a considerable talent who will enhance any organization.
Ian Fisher
Managing Director

North Cumbria
Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

I am writing to thank you personally for the outstanding event that you organized on our behalf. It was obvious that you paid attention to detail and ensured the smooth running of every part of the celebration. It was a marvelous occasion for me personally and our staff.
Many thanks
Yours sincerely
Marie Burnham
Chief Executive

Mayors Ball
What a fabulous evening you organized for Will & myself at our Valentine Ball. It was a truly outstanding occasion, with superb, food, beautiful room and table decorations, wonderful music and convivial atmosphere. It will be one of the highlights of our year in office and I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you undertook to ensure the success of this prestigious event.
There were so many complimentary remarks.
Mrs Jacquelyne Geddes
Mayor of Carlisle

Carlisle City Council
I have know Carol for nearly 4 years and I have tremendous respect for her work, both in her direct work with Carlisle City Council and by observing how she works with other organizations. Her work with the City Council has included her support of the Councils Civic role in supporting the Mayor. This has involved organizing a number of important & high profile events across the city, which have been extremely successful. In addition Carol has been unstinting in her advise and ideas, which she has given freely to the Councils elected members and staff, and this has been beyond her contracted work.
Carol is a well respected colleague, someone who is outstanding in her field, with experience gained from sheer hard work and the development of close working relationshipswith associates and individuals across the County of Cumbria and beyond.
I would have no hesitation at all recommending Carol, having experience of working with a number of event organizers across the North West, I can say without hesitation that Carol is the best.
Maggie Mooney
Town Clerk & Chief Executive